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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Download my Code?
Thanks for asking! This website was designed and built by Developers, for Developers. It allows code files and projects to be uploaded quickly and shared with others around the world as inspiration, as a plugin or for teaching purposes.

How can I get involved?
You have two options when using this website, download or upload. If you're able to give financial support, you can do so by visiting a project you like and selecting the donate option after downloading. If you're a talented developer you're encouraged to upload some code to get our community thinking, learning or implementing. If you're just starting our and you don't yet want to share your work, leaving ratings and feedback on other work is appreciated all round!

My card information, is it safe?
Absolutely. We only hold on to the last 4 digits of your card which we need to provide you with faster payment alternatives. This of course can be turned off by visiting your settings, where you can alter and change email, payment and general account options. We use Stripe as our payment-processor of choice and security is our top priority.