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Creating Website

Hi Friends Creating website is not an easy task but it can be made easy by using source code feature and using snippets.You can easily download code from downloadmycode.com ​​​​​​​​You can easlea use in your site and create a dynamic webpage.   Thank you, Anirudh ...

Written by Anirudh Singh
May 2019

10 Things I Wish I Knew When Starting Building Websites

The fact that you’re reading this probably means you’ve stumbled across my YouTube channel and wandered over. Hello! It’s nice to see you, how’ve you been? How’s the family? Good, good. Anyway I get a lot of comments on my videos from people who’re where I was just three years ago. The most common question I get is “omg you’re so handsome&...

Written by Marc Hinton
June 2017
Code, Story, Blog

How Facebook Changed My Life

The average person will spend up to 50 minutes per-day on Facebook; Browsing, posting, scrolling and chatting. They have crafted every element on each page and tested and tweaked everything amassing almost 2 billion (with a b) active monthly users. It's perhaps for this reason that it captured my attention so much, during a time in my life when code was nothing more than green 1s an...

Written by Marc Hinton
June 2017
HTML, CSS, Creative, Code, Story, Blog