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An Introduction
Hello! My name is Marc and I am the Developer behind Download my Code. My intention with this site is to simply allow people like me to share code with eachother. I later decided to add in the possibility of donations. It's super taboo but money is important for developers to keep doing what they're doing, as much as we love doing it. A lot of us do this full time and make next-to-nothing and I believe it's because the money has to come from a single source. If you see a project you like and that you might even use on your website, donate. Even as little as £1, coming from 100 impressed users adds up so quickly and might even mean freelancers and under-paid developers get the financial support they need and deserve.

Disclaimer (ish)
Download my Code is just starting out and I built this site in less than a week. There will be bugs, there will be features that we'd like that aren't here yet but gimme some time. Feature suggestions and improvements are always welcome, drop me an email at marc@downloadmycode.com and I'll get back to you if your idea is chosen to become a feature.

Let's help eachother out, be friendly and supportive. Together, we can make this a thing.